Women's Networks, Professional Networks and Women's Organizations

We invite leading women's networks, professional networks, and women's organizations to participate in the Womensphere Festival and Womensphere Summit as a Community Partner. To our Community Partners, we offer the following:

  • Enable your Members to receive discounted attendance at Womensphere's events ($100 discounts per day, to the Womensphere Summit). We would love to see a delegation representing your network or organization participating at the Womensphere Summit and Womensphere Festival.

  • Promote your events taking place during the Womensphere Festival (September 20 to October 2, 2014).

  • Promote your network or organization to the participants of the Womensphere Summit & Festival.

Participating women's networks and organizations will be recognized for your participation.


We invite the leading companies and institutions to participate in the 7th Womensphere Global Summit on Creating the Future: Accelerating Advancement, by sending representatives from your organization to actively participate in the Summit as Delegates and Discussion Leaders.  The Summit's purpose is to advance women's leadership in business, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and the creative fields.

As the Summit is a premier leadership development experience, we invite you to send women leaders and innovators who you are investing in developing for future leadership. As the Summit is also a premier convening of organization and institutional leaders committed to fostering diversity and inclusion, and the development of women's leadership within your company or institution, we also invite you to send these representatives to participate in the Summit.  

Participating companies and institutions will be recognized for your participation, and companies/institutions sending 20 delegates and above will be recognized as Corporate Sponsors / Institutional Sponsors of the Summit and Festival.


We invite leading media companies and leading online publications to cover the Womensphere Festival and Womensphere Global Summit as Media Partners. Participating media companies and leading online publications will be recognized for supporting the Womensphere Festival and Womensphere Summit.


Please contact us below if you would like to be a Partner of the Womensphere Festival and Womensphere Global Summit. We look forward to hearing from you!

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