30 September 2014  - Tuesday -  11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
The New York Times, 15th Floor Conference Center



The retention and advancement of women as leaders in technology, whether in technology functions or in operations, or in the technology industry, remains one of the biggest issues around talent and leadership in both big corporations and the startup world.

This unique leadership development program is a vehicle for targeted investment in the retention and advancement of high potential women leaders and innovators in technology and operations.  


We are inviting leading companies to invest in developing women in technology, R&D, operations, and technical careers, and to send women to participate who are:

  • Potential future senior leaders and aspiring executives in R&D, technology, operations, and digital media.
  • Technical team leaders and project leaders in R&D,  technology, operations, and digital media.
  • High potential VPs, AVPs, product managers, business leaders, associates in R&D, technology, operations, digital media.
  • Corporate and institutional heads of women's networks and diversity and inclusion programs investing in advancing women in technology, operations, and technical careers.


Advancing Women’s Leadership in Innovation & Technology
This leadership program is designed to accelerate women’s success and effectiveness as technology leaders and innovators. This program is also designed to provide best-practice strategies and tactics for leaders of women's networks, and diversity, inclusion, and talent professionals to to create leadership development programs and diversity and inclusion initiatives that advance women's leadership in technology and in technical careers.

Corporate/Organization Investment in Advancing Emerging Women Leaders in Innovation, Technology, and Operations
We are inviting leading companies and organizations to invest in developing women emerging leaders and innovators, and to invest in the development of the next generation of women technology leaders.



Accelerating Advancement:
Strategies & Tactics to Advance Women’s Leadership in R&D, Innovation and Technology

Career Leadership:
Navigating the Path to Executive Suite - Preparing Yourself to Become a CTO, CIO, Chief Scientific Officer, or Senior Technical Executive of a Company

Organization Leadership: 
Insights on Innovation & Technology Leadership – from Academia to Industry

Networks, Environments & Advancing Women:
Best Practices in Building Women's Networks and Designing Environments to Advance Women in Technology and Technical Careers

Best Practices in Innovation & Technology Management

Effective Technology Collaborations:
Managing Multi-stakeholder Collaborations and Partnerships

Funding Invention & Innovation:
Strategies & Tactics to Secure/Increase Internal/External Funding for Women-led Invention & Innovation

Scaling Invention & Innovation:
Strategies & Tactics to Scale & Commercialize Women-led Invention & Innovation, in Corporations, in the Lab, and in Startups



$ 495 per Participant, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, wine reception

$ 395 per Participant, for Womensphere Global Network Members

(Discounted by $100 for Womensphere Global Network members)