1 October 2014  - Wednesday -  8:00 AM - 6:30 PM



The retention and advancement of women as leaders in technology, whether in technology functions or in operations, or in the technology industry, remains one of the biggest issues around talent and leadership in both big corporations and the startup world.

This unique leadership development program is a vehicle for targeted investment in the retention and advancement of high potential women leaders and innovators in technology and operations.  



We are inviting the participation of women in entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and creative fields:

  • Women entrepreneurs and business owners in the early stages to middle/growth stages of one's entrepreneurial venture/company.
  • Women social entrepreneurs and social innovators in the early stages to middle/growth stages of one's social enterprise
  • Women in creative fields - arts, fashion, media, communications, digital, publishing
  • Investors and service-providers who want to connect and who can be resources for women entrepreneurs 


Advancing Women’s Leadership in Innovation & Technology
This leadership program is designed to accelerate women’s success and effectiveness as technology leaders and innovators.


Corporate/Organization Investment in Advancing Emerging Women Leaders in Innovation, Technology, and Operations
We are inviting leading companies and organizations to invest in developing women emerging leaders and innovators, and to invest in the development of the next generation of women technology leaders.



Accelerating Advancement:
Strategies & Tactics to Advance Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership and Creative Leadership

Navigating the Leadership Journey - Strategies & Tactics:
Navigating the Journey of Creative Leadership and Entrepreneurial Leadership - Preparing Yourself as the CEO or Founder of a Creative or Entrepreneurial Venture

Organization Leadership & Management: 
How to Manage an Entrepreneurial Venture - on Building and Leading Teams, Strategy, Negotiation, and Leadership Amidst Uncertainty

Building the Venture: Sales & Revenues:
Insights to Successful Business Development, Sales, and Business-building for Entrepreneurs

Building Internal & External Collaborations:
Managing Multi-stakeholder Collaborations and Partnerships to Build Your Venture

Funding Your Venture:
Strategies & Tactics for Funding Your Venture - Loans, Revenues, Crowd-funding, Angel Investors, Venture Capital, and Alternative Funding Sources

Scaling Your Venture:
Strategies & Tactics for Scaling Your Venture

Leading Yourself: Personal Leadership and Inspiration
How to Build and Sustain Strength and Energy (and Avoid Burnout) in Your Journey as an Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, or Creative Leader



$350 per Participant, inclusive of breakfast, lunch, wine reception

$250 per Participant, for Womensphere Global Network Members

(Discounted by $100 for Womensphere Global Network members)