Upwardly Global Women’s Summit (Invitation Only)

Partner Event

Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Venue: JP Morgan Chase

Upwardly Global's Women's Services Program helps skilled, work-authorized immigrant women reestablish their professional careers in New York. The women we serve were doctors, engineers, and business professionals in their home countries. However, here in America, they find themselves unemployed or working in low-skill jobs, struggling with significant, often invisible barriers to employment. Our program helps them overcome these barriers by providing the soft skills and acculturation training needed to find, interview for, and secure a job in their preferred field at a family-sustaining salary. It also addresses the many gender-specific challenges faced by women in the American workforce. The Women's Services Program is the only training of its kind in New York City and enjoys strong support from the New York Women's Foundation, the Fifth & Pacific Foundation, The Patrina Foundation, and the Edward & Ellen Roche Relief Foundation.

Upwardly Global Women’s Career Summit is a 3-day intensive training program designed to help highly-skilled immigrant women acquire the skills, resources, and network essential to rebuilding their careers in the U.S. The next Women's Career Summit will be hosted by JP Morgan Chase and starting on October 1st, 2014. The training will cover topics relevant for the U.S. job search, including Marketing Yourself, Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Networking and Interview Skills, as well as Mock Interviews with volunteers from JP Morgan Chase.

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